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Susan is a qualified Yoga teacher and has been teaching Yoga for over 30 years, in London, Egypt & Italy.
She welcomes both beginners and those more experienced in Yoga asana practice to her classes. Susan is also available for one to one tuition and on-line services.

“I am trained to teach Iyengar and Karuna and Restorative Yoga and Yogalates plus several forms of meditation and Qigong practices. My Yoga classes include a variety of exercises that build-up to the practice of the classical Hatha Yoga asanas, followed by deeply relaxing and restorative work. I encourage and support precise alignments in the postures, in order to ensure safety. The use of belts and blocks in the class enables all students to get the most benefit from their practice. Working with individuals and small groups, I am able to teach and address the needs of each student, allowing everyone to really enjoy a Yoga practice and discover how it can truly enrich one’s life. Those who like to work in a more energetic way are catered for, as well as others who prefer a gentler approach. There is no pressure to achieve or competition when practising yoga, it is a very personal journey. Yoga and sharing it with others has been my passion for many years.

I teach and guide breathwork and Pranayama (Yoga breathing) techniques to help maintain and promote good health and to manage stress and anxiety. Meditation and mindfulness guidance is another part of my teaching expertise.
My experience is with all ages from 8 to 80 years of age.

Services in London are available throughout the summer from June to the end of October. At other times you will find me teaching in Italy or at my Yoga Studio on the Red Sea coast in Egypt.

Recent world circumstances have prompted me to offer more Self-care on-line options. Apart from classes in Yoga, Qigong and mat-based Pilates, I offer simple techniques to manage aches and pains, body stiffness and tension, sleep disorders and breathing practices to relieve anxiety and improve general health and immunity.

In London, I offer Iridology consultations. Following a private consultation and iris examination, I am able to identify constitutional strengths and weaknesses in the whole body. This can then help to identify underlying causes of health issues and symptoms. A written report which includes advice on diet, exercise and lifestyle adjustments is then sent to the client, thus helping them to facilitate self-healing, good practices, dietary changes or any, other specialist advice that they should be seeking.

The advice that I provide often takes into consideration Ayurvedic principles. This is a proven health and well-being system that has its origins and knowledge dating back more than 5000 years. I can help you to discover your ideal dosha balance and to understand that illnesses are often associated with habits and lifestyles that do not support you as an individual. Simple daily routines ( Dinacarya) are a wonderful way forward to a healthier and happier you.

I am a UK qualified optician and provide specialist workshops on eye nutrition and health. Coping with and resolving dry eye problems. Beneficial eye exercises and how to get the best vision from spectacle and contact lens corrections.

Mat-based, table and chair massage for women only. The massage is a combination of Thai, Ayurvedic, aromatherapy and energy healing. The specific combination is decided after a short consultation.

I provide fabulous facials including ‘Face The World’ which utilises amazing products, effective techniques and is carried out with background music that takes you on a blissful journey around the world.

If you have pain issues, chronic or acute, I am trained in the JING system, for both hands-on and self care treatments. Please refer to the Blog section for more information.

I am a Reiki Master and offer treatments as well as all three levels of Usui Reiki training. The trainings run for 2 -4 days according to the level and each one includes a manual and charts for you to keep.

I have my own Yoga Studio in Nuweiba on the Red Sea Coast.
Egypt Mobile Number: 00201063279746
You can fly to Sharm El Sheik and we will meet you at the airport. Alternatively, fly via Cairo or Hurgada on Egypt Air, B.A. or Easyjet.
Traveling from Eilat in Israel, you cross to Egypt at Taba and then on to Nuweiba by road. From the airports, it is less than 2 hours drive to the quiet sandy beach on the Gulf of Aqaba where I have a fully equipped studio and simple guest accommodations.
Join a class or arrange for daily one to one yoga tuition. This is a really relaxing location with a coral reef for snorkeling or diving and the chance to visit wonderful sites such as Petra and St Katherine’s Monastery near to Mount Sinai.

At the Yoga Studio, we have a dedicated massage room where you can enjoy, hot stones, aromatherapy, Reiki, Thai massage and more.

At the studio, guests and visitors enjoy delicious fresh juices and smoothies as well as healthy home cooked vegetarian and vegan meals. Special detox retreats are arranged throughout the autumn, winter and spring seasons.

I hold an annual Italian Yoga Retreat which takes place in Tuscany in a beautiful rural location, during September. Suitable for beginners and more experienced yogis. There is optional photography & Art tuition from a highly experienced, (retired) Fleet St. Photographer, landscape & wildlife expert and local Artist. You can attend Yoga and/ or Photography & Art classes according to personal preference. For further information go to
and view our Facebook page:

We also offer group bookings 4- 6 persons in a villa with a pool and garden. Here I provide daily Yoga sessions and my co-hosts offer catering and lots of local advice.
The villa is exclusively for the group. We would be staying in another property nearby. You can read more information in the Blog section on this site.