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Life has changed for many people. …..2020 is a year that we will remember, being when certain restrictions were imposed and this created feelings of so much uncertainty. Sadly for some people, it brought with it anxiety, fear, hardship and in many cases unease, pain and even the loss of friends and family. It was also a time, especially if you were unable to work, when there was time to take stock of your life. To reassess, accept that we cannot be 100% in control and that the future is unknown. A time of living in the present moment…..

It became more apparent that we need to take care of ourselves and of others. A realisation of what is really important. This is Self-care because one of the most important lessons to be learnt is that whatever happens, staying awake and aware of our own strengths will carry us and our loved ones forward in ease. Becoming stressed, allowing fear and anxiety to take over our thoughts will weaken the immune system and make us more vulnerable to illnesses that can affect us physically and mentally.

Being in lockdown meant not being able to physically go and meet friends and family, go to sports clubs, yoga centres, have a massage, see therapists etc.etc. Thank goodness for the internet, it kept us in touch. In fact, for some people there was more online contact and opportunity to engage than there had been in the past. At first, some people were reluctant to use this method and I still believe that the benefits of personal contact and touch cannot be fully replaced by online services, however often they are more convenient, more accessible, cheaper and equally as effective. This is why I have launched this ‘Fitness In Health’ service. Moving forward together in love, light and ease. Susan 

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